Did Reggie the Reckless Ever Have A Crush On Pam?

It was obvious Reggie liked Pam in Friday Part 5. We know this from the van scene with his brother Demon (played Miguel Nunez, Jr).

Reggie calls Pam to the van and introduces Pam as “my girlfriend” to Demon and his girlfriend Anita (Jere Fields).

But the real question is, did the guy who played Reggie have a real-life crush on Pam (Melanie Kinnaman)?

Well, of course I did! Many of you did as well. That was one of the reasons I told you I had such fun making the movie.

A kid just goin’ through puberty — runnin’ in the rain all day filming with hot, sexy Pam…

What kid wouldn’t enjoy playing Reggie the Reckless in Friday the 13th Part 5, right?

There ya have it…

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