Reggie & Tommy – Shavar Ross/Corey Feldman at Fear Fest 3! (Video)

Reckless fans! — this was my first horror convention — Fear Fest 3in Arlington, Texas. Held November 7-9, 2008.

It was also our Friday the 13th Part 5 (A New Beginning) cast reunion. The best highlights for me were reuniting with the cast and hanging out with Corey Feldman and his (then wife) Susie Feldman andMiguel Nunez. Meeting actor Danny Trejo (photo coming soon) and seeing Lou Ferrigno again was cool too. I have that Lou Ferrigno video coming up.

I was a bit disappointed when Corey’s manager (not sure if he’s still Corey’s manager now) actually tried to shun Corey away from Miguel and I as if we didn’t know Corey or somethin’, lol. (See video below)

First of all, Corey was also in Part 5. Duh. We were together at the premiere of the movie in Westwood, California (in the balcony) back in 1985 checkin’ the movie out. Was that same manager there back then?I don’t think so.

Or was that same manager there when I did (my second commercial) a Kodak commercial with Corey way back in 1981? I think not! Ha!!

He also wasn’t there when they decided to go with Corey for the role of Mouth in The Goonies (1985)instead of me, the black kid.

Corey got Mouth in The Goonies, I got Reggie the Reckless in Friday the 13th Part 5 — that same year!!

I toldja Reckless had the “inside scoop” on things…you ain’t heard nothin’ yet! We’re gonna make this blog exciting! Good thing I’m chatty, lol…that’s why I blog!

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