‘Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th’ Book Signing Launch Party (20 Photos)

Have you heard of the very exhaustive and thorough book Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th, by Peter M. Bracke?

Yes, Reggie the Reckless is in the book too! If you knew that already then you are a serious Reckless fan!

Well anyway, they had a book launch party for it back in October of 2005 and the event turned out to be pretty cool.

The book launch, held at Cafe’ Tu Tu Tango at Universal Studios Hollywood (CityWalk), was sponsored by New Line Cinema and was quite fun.  I usually don’t get out much so it was a real treat for me.  I got to finally meet Peter, get my signed booked, and find out what he wrote about me!

Check out the cool pics from the event — see if you can spot a few celebs (hint, hint) Erin Gray, Brian Posehn (BIG F13th franchise fan), Stephen Williams (21 Jump Street, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday), Larry Zerner (Friday the 13th Part III), and Sean S. Cunningham, creator, director and producer of the original Friday the 13th.

Oh yeah, please note..the above photo of me DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THE REAL me, lol. I was new to Photoshop and tried to get ride of a little “Crow’s Feet” around my eyes and I ended up giving myself digital plastic surgery, LOL!!

But seriously, let me know what you think of the pics — comment below or on Reggie’s Facbook fanpagehere!

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