Did Reggie the Reckless REALLY Drive that Tractor?

In the 2010 documentary His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th I shouted, “I drove the tractor!!

But did little Reggie the Reckless REALLY drive that tractor in Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning??

The answer is…NAH…lol. Lol, NO, Reggie didn’t really drive the tractor.

Tell me you knew that?!

What studio would let a 14-year-old kid do that in a movie anyway? They couldn’t, they wouldn’t.

Anyway, I remember the tractor being pulled by a flatbed, and there was a camera crew off to the side of me — ton of people were riding with me for that shot!

The other tractor shots were done by my stunt double John Sherrod (1942–1990). (Mind you, I also had another double in the movie–will talk about him later)

I worked with Mr. Sherrod before on some other stuff but he was a very popular stuntman in the 1980s for films such as Die Hard, Commando, Friday 3, Tremors, Colors, Critters 2; he stunt-doubled for Eddie Murphy a lot in films like 48 Hrs, The Golden Child, and Coming to America.

Note: I miss the warmth of that red suit. (sniffle)

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