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Friday the 13 Part 5 Q&A at Monster Mania (5 Video Clips)

Posted by Shavar Ross on

From OrzoEntertainment (2009): I’ve compiled about 5 short video clips fromMonsterMania’s Q&A where I talked about what it was like working with Gary Coleman (on Diff’rent Strokes) and Jaleel White (on Family Matters).

For those of you who may not know — I played the character Dudley on Diff’rent Strokes and Weasel on Family Matters.

There’s also some footage from some of the other cast members from Friday 5 talking about the making of the movie…actors such as Carol Locatell, Ron Sloan and Miguel Nunez.

Check out the clips..they’re very short.

The crowd was really pumped that day — enjoyed myself! I cherish these times, and that’s what life is all about. Every day you live is a special day so enjoy it to the fullest!


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