How I Got the Role of Reggie the Reckless

Okay, so let me tell you how I got the role of Reggie the Reckless.

I was around 13 or 14 (can’t remember), and I must’ve been out on nearly a couple of hundred auditions back in 1984/1985. I remember when I got the call — it was just another audition for me, really. I didn’t know that I was even auditioning for a Friday the 13th film, actually.

The audition was for a film called “Repetition.” I suppose the studio, Paramount, was trying to keep the film under wraps. I didn’t find out the film was a F13 installment until I was on the set one day, lol. I never knew until after a couple of days of shooting! Even the script read “Repetition” on the cover, so I was clueless.

Also, as I remember, I don’t think they even revealed the ending of the movie during production — it was such a big secret back then. The production company purposely left out a few of the end pages of the script.

I wasn’t really a horror fan then, and I don’t believe I even saw “The Final Chapter.” I don’t think I recall my old buddy Corey Feldman even being in the movie — at first. If I had known he was in the film, I probably still wouldn’t have put two and two together, lol.

Anyway, I remember auditioning for the role of Reggie. I remember reading for director Danny Steinmann. I believe they put me on video.

I remember in the script (the call a few pages of a script ‘sides’) — the sides had all kinds of curse words in it. Reggie had a foul little mouth, lol, and my dad wasn’t having any of that — so I rehearsed my lines with him — without the cursing.

So…instead of F**king A, he’d change it to “Freaking A“.

Anyway, before this post gets any longer — let me cut to the chase!

So after auditioning for Danny Steinmann, they called me back to audition on tape with Miguel Nunez — my brother Demon.

I’m not sure if I already had the role when I auditioned with Miguel or if we both got the role around the same time — I’m thinking the latter.

So there you have it — I got the role of Reggie the Reckless for a movie called “Repetition.”

It was my first time seeing myself on the big screen and boy did I love it! Unforgettable.

Okay, up next — I’m gonna share with you my first day meeting Danny Steinmann (for a second time) on the set. And guess what scene they were filming when I got there?? LOL, OMG.

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