My First Day On the Set of ‘Friday the 13th: A New Beginning’

Okay, so continuing where I left off on the previous post – I always wanted to share this, lol.

But my first day on the set? Since I was a minor I had to go school on the set so I was there extra early before the evening shoot.

I hadn’t seen director Danny Steinmann since the audition and I was excited about filming my first scene. As I recall, Danny wanted to meet me and say “Hi” before shooting my scene later on that evening; but he was in the midst of shooting ANOTHER scene, and can you guess what scene it was? LOL.

Anyway, so I remember one of the crew guys (an A.D.assistant director) and a driver coming up to my trailer and telling me that Danny wanted to see me.

So they drove me up to the woods (okay that’s a dead giveaway, lol)  to meet Danny…again.

It said “Closed Set,” and they were filming that scene with “Tina & Eddie“!


And of course, I wasn’t allowed to go past the yellow tape, lol…but Dan-O came out to congratulate me on the role and said he was looking forward to working with me.

Did I see “Tina” running to her dressing room in a blue terry cloth robe? Can’t remember.

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