That’s Not Really Reggie the Reckless!! [Video]

Oh I can’t stand the part in F13 5 when the “wanna-be” Reggie the Reckless runs into the barn after the fake Jason grabs Reggie’s foot by the tractor. Know why? Because that’s not Reggie the Reckless running into that barn, darn it!!

Actually, I should say that that’s not really actor Shavar Ross (yours truly) running into that barn, lol.

Just look at that lanky body runnin’ to the barn…Reggie is so slow now!! Ugh! What happened to the track and field star-like qualities Reggie had when he left Pam after his girly scream, huh?

In fact, that’s not even Pam, actress Melanie Kinnaman, running to that barn.

They’re our body doubles!

Check out the video at the 1:54 mark, lol…that’s not me; my body is much sexier. LOL, just kidding.

Other Reggie body double shots:

  • When Reggie runs out from the blue truck just before knocking on brother Demon’s door–not me!
  • In the barn, after Tommy chops off Jason’s arm — that foot WIGGLING away…wasn’t mine!

Note: However, the omitted scene where Reggie steals brother Demon’s girlfriend was really me! Only kidding — haha!

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