Director Danny Steinmann: “Love You Shavar” (Photo)

Shavar Ross Danny Steinmann

This photo means a lot to me, so much sentimental value. It’s a pic of myself and Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning director Danny Steinmann. Danny passed away on December 18, 2012.

I adore old photos. There’s something special about them. It shows who we were, and reveals who we are today. Anyway, I had a blast reuniting with Danny and the cast of F13: Part 5 a few years ago at Monster Mania. So many fans. Danny and I, and the cast signed so many autographs. It really made us feel special.


At the time, Friday the 13th Part 5 was just another horror film to me — I was so young — but now, to see so many fans of the genre today; the many horror enthusiasts who love the Friday the 13th franchise…to see the smiles on their faces; it means a great deal to me.

I’m not a big horror fan but as I was recently looking at Danny’s signed photo to me to: “Love You Shavar“…it made me appreciate the many experiences of my life. Meeting so many different kinds of people..making the movie, and being on television…I thank God for that.

It was fun working with Danny, reuniting with him before he passed away, and even making that audio commentary with him (and John Shepherd) for the F13:5 DVD was a fun and exciting experience for me.

I will always cherish Danny’s signed photo to me.

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